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We can take your ideal from concept to a working product in a few weeks time. We strive to give our costumers the results and products they want and deserve
About Us
At BluLight Solutions, we strive to create custom software solutions for all facets of industry. From consultation to creation, we provide top shelf, innovative, and user friendly applications to solve even the most complex problems. Most anything imaginable could be developed and/or adapted with our open minded, user friendly, and devotion to basic and extreme problem solving.

Mobile App Development

We help you build out your mobile app ideal from scratch. Useing a agile methodology We start with consultation and design and then move on to development in a matter of weeks.

Web Design

We can design a professional and responsive website for yourself or your business. Using the latest web technologies we insure your site scales and looks great on every screen.

E-Commerce Design

We can create a stunning and responsive webstore for your service or product. This will guarantee high conversions and user retention across all screen sizes and all devices.

SEO Optimization

Useing are extensive knowledge of SEO and keywords we insure that your web site increases in search ranking as well as high quality traffic and high quality conversions.
Our Recent Projects


Haggle allows users to sale us their unwanted electronics and jewelry for cash or their favorite crypto.

Free Flix

Free Flix allows user to watch their favorite movies in an ad free and mobile friendly enviornment.


Kubby is a social shopping experience that allows users to search for and share their favorite products.


Bunkir is a social networking experience built for connecting cannabis connoisseurs and businesses.

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