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Mobile Apps

Mobile Development

We build our mobile applications useing a agile methodology. We start with consultation then move on to UX design to allow our customers to have an ideal of how their finished products will look and function. Depending on the functional requirements for your mobile app we can develop your application in the span of a few weeks.


Haggle allows users to sell jewelry, cell-phones, electronics and other gadgets in exchange for cash or crypto (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum). Users can submit pictures of their items as well as a condition and other classifications to our staff via the mobile app. They then live chat with our staff and haggle back and fourth until they receive an offer that is to their likeing.


FreeFlix is a PWA (Progressive Web App) that allows users to watch their favorite movies in an ad free and mobile friendly environment. No more intrusive ads while watching your favorite flix’s!


Kubby is a social shopping experience that allows users to search for their favorite products useing a product search api. User can tag, like and share their favorite products with their facebook friends. Users also have the ability to suggest products with their friends as well as add them to their own list of favorites and tags for their friends to see.


Bunkir will be the first social media platform to connect cannabis connoisseurs and businesses togethers.
Coming Soon!

AMY Awards PWA

Instead of handing out paper pamphlets for their 2017 awards ceremony the AMY Awards comity had us build them a Progressive Web App that encapsulated all of their award ceremony information as well as provided a way for participant to live vote for their favorite projects.


Flourish is a comprehensive cannabis software that will help you not only manage your day to day operations better but will help you gain valuable insights for your cannabis operation and help you make data driven decisions.

Web Design

Web Design

We build all of our web products useing a agile methodology. We design to our clients specifications and then start development. This insures that our clients are able to see their product brought to fruition in the span of a few weeks.